mardi 21 janvier 2014


 "La mer m'appelle dans les métros parisiens "

                        Video art piece illustrating an emotion between the ocean and the human being.
The film style plays between 2 rhythms, that of the metro representing modern life and the slow
rhythm of the ocean. This hypnotique  state  of the film brings  the person watching to feel a melancolic ocean full of pain and forgiveness.

In the depths of the parisian undergrounds, a woman finds herself facing her imaginary world.
She imagines the inhabitants of the sea speaking to her of their feeling world. She finds uses her imagination to touch upon the source of life, the sea and in this way she finds freedom from the confinements of modern society.

dimanche 15 septembre 2013

Project synopsis

"Le dernier chant de la baleine" is a study performance in english and french for the upcoming transmedia project called "Oceana Melancholia".  This musical perfomance will interact with manipulated film projections of the sea creatures navigating through polluted zones of the ocean overlapping with cities.